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Morecambe & Heysham Archaeology

Including Local History and Heritage

Greetings :-)

I am an archaeologist partaking in archaeology (currently through Morecambe Heritage) of the local area.  Whilst archaeology takes centre stage on this web site, a look at local history and heritage is also included.

In an area so rich in history and heritage it is surprising how little archaeological research has been undertaken.  Although some has been carried out in Heysham, very little has been done in Morecambe with very few finds being recorded and the information readily available.  It is hoped through this group that the balance can be re-addressed and through local excavation projects much more can be learned about the area.

Through Morecambe Heritage, an archaeological excavation took part at the rear of the Morecambe Hotel in 2014 and at the rear of a property in Lord Street in 2015.  It is also planned to do further excavations within the Morecambe area in the future with a number of sites already identified.


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