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Morecambe Heritage

About Morecambe Heritage

This is a local heritage group with the long term aim of establishing a permanent heritage centre in Morecambe.

Currently the group operates from Morecambe Heritage Centre at 215 Marine Road Central. The building was former Taylor's which was a shop that had traded in Morecambe for a number of decades. The heritage centre is located between Brucciani's cafe and the Morecambe Winter Gardens.

The centre houses a temporary exhibition (see news right) and numerous Morecambe memorabilia, heritage and local archaeology.

More details are available below.

Morecambe Heritage Official Email

Morecambe Heritage Official Website

Morecambe Heritage 2015 Facebook Page

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Current exhibition now closed.

Stay tuned for new exhibition starting on the 27th of May 2016!

Heritage Centre location within Morecambe Town Centre.

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